Make a face mask! We have directions to sew your own face mask, $5 kits to sew 5 masks for you family and friends, and even and sewn masks for you to buy.

About Us

About Blackberry Quilts - Makers of the Ideal Beginner's Quilting Kit

This site is dedicated to my mother, who encouraged creativity in our family. If we wanted to paint, she got out the paints. If we wanted to play house, she let us make a huge mess in the basement. When I wanted to sew, she got out the fabric and sewing machine. I began sewing when I was 9 years old. Some of the first things I made were doll quilts.

Sewing quilts for my dolls grew into a passion for fabric and sewing. Creating new things by stitching fabric together has been a source of joy for me. I would like to pass on some of the things I have learned, so you can enjoy it too!

Our instructions are full of photos and sewing tips. I use modern techniques, in combination with reproduction fabrics, to let you make an 'old-fashioned' quilt in much less time, and with much less drudgery, than even twenty years ago.

One of my favorite things to make is still a little quilt. I have been able to finish the little quilts, unlike the boxes of large unfinished quilt tops in my closet! Little quilts make great gifts. They are also a fun way to try out new fabrics and colors.

I find inspiration for my quilt patterns in antique quilts and my family's quilts. I try to capture the spirit of quilts made during the 1930's.