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Free Face Mask Tutorial with Photos

How to sew a face mask-sewing directions for beginners-tutorial for making your own face mask

Free Face Mask Tutorial with Photos

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Note: These are not medical grade masks. Add a lining of a tightly woven fabric, such as a sheet, for extra thickness. 

1. Cut two pieces of fabric, 9" x 6". Two different prints are best.

2. Cut four strips, 1.5" x 18-20" .

3. DIY straps: Press under a generous 1/4" of one long edge of each strip. Repeat on the other side. Fold strip in half, long way,  and press to make a long strap.

4. Sew strap. Tip: Start sewing with a thread saver, and transition to sewing the strap. Place strap under presser foot. Sew along folded edge. When you get to the end of the strap, backstitch, and then place the next strap in place and continue sewing. Trim threads when finished. 

5. Place one rectangle right side up on a table. Pin the straps to the sides, 1/2" from the top and bottom edges, as shown below. Gather the ends of the straps in the center and pin to secure them in the middle of the fabric.

6. Place the second rectangle on top, right sides together. Pin.

7. Start sewing on a long edge, approximately 2" from a corner. Back stitch. Sew  with a  3/8"  seam allowance. Backstitch over the straps for extra strength.  Sew around all four corners, ending 2" from the last corner, leaving a 3-4" opening.

 8.Trim corners of seam allowances away. Turn inside out. Gentle poke the corners open with the lid of a pen. Press, pressing under seam allowances of the opening.

9. Iron one pleat in place. The fold should be about 1" from the top. Make the pleat 1/2" deep. Press.

10. Press the second pleat in place. Use the same proportions. The edges should measure about 3".

11. Pin the pleats in place.Top stitch: sew close to the edge around the entire rectangle, securing the opening and the pleats.

12. You have made a face mask!